Introducing the Magic Banana®

The Magic Banana®is THE flexible accessory for strengthening your inner magical muscles, exploring your body and unlocking your own pleasure possibilities.

Who will benefit from and enjoy using the Magic Banana®?

The short answer: virtually every woman. Whether you are inexperienced, highly-experienced or even just out of practice – the Magic Banana® has something for women of all ages.

How does the Magic Banana® work?

The Magic Banana® responds directly and immediately to your muscles, and works in harmony with your own movement.

The Magic Banana® delivers … without a hint of shame!

“The Magic Banana® makes a great travel companion; it is both airport-security and waiter-friendly!”

‘This is no one-trick pony… the Magic Banana® is revolutionary!’

An exuberant endorsement from the G-boutique blog, written by Anna – G-Boutique’s #1 teacher and trainer for workshops and toy talks.