Oprah.com: “Better-Sex Homework You’ll Actually Enjoy”

Use a Magic Banana

“Strong pubococcygeus muscles can give a tighter grip during sex and are better able to contract, leading to increased blood flow and more intense orgasms, says sex and relationships expert Laura Berman, PhD. She adds that women who regularly practice Kegel exercises say they become aroused more quickly and easily. You’re probably already doing the classic squeeze-and-release exercises, but you’ll discover motivation to practice with the Magic Banana, a discreet tool that looks like something you’d find in the kitchen but was designed by a Canadian yoga educator to enhance pleasure in the bedroom. It already has fans at the upscale sex store G Boutique in Chicago, like staff trainer Anna G., who says that the flexible loop provides resistance during Kegels, making them feel both invigorating and intensely pleasurable. To make Banana Kegels more challenging, insert the loop, then pull it forward so you’re working against the widest part of the device. Squeeze as usual for three to five minutes—unless you find you just can’t stop.”

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