How do I use it?

For Kegel Exercises
• The Magic Banana® is inserted into the body with the curve of the tubing loop facing up. Squeezing and releasing on the loop will cause the loop to contract and offer resistance to build these all-important muscles effectively.

Super-Automatic Kegel Exercises
• Once inserted into the body, moving the Magic Banana® gently in and out (without leaving the body entirely) at a rate that feels good can facilitate SUPER-AUTOMATIC KEGELS – muscles respond in a peristaltic-like fashion working the wall and related pelvic floor muscles most efficiently.

For Orgasmic Exploration
• In conjunction with clitoral stimulation (fingers, a stream of water, a small finger vibrator or tongue of partner) the Magic Banana® can help women to experience orgasmic bliss. As in life, partner use is recommended only after thorough self-exploration.