This was jaw-dropping, OMG! I had THE BEST #1 all-time orgasm!


I’m an older gal, in my mid-sixties, with NO steady man in her life right now. I bought The Magic Banana® several months ago. At the time I was having a lot of female problems (health wise) and it hurt when I tried to use it. Well,I’m here to tell you – it doesn’t hurt anymore! I have found I get more pleasure all the time from this wonderful device!! IT’S A LIFESAVER!”

I can tell you there is still a lot of “joy in sex” – even at my age. When you’re alone, there’s no need to be unsatisfied – reach for Magic BTM – it is truly a gals “best friend.” It even has deepened the climaxes a great deal! I can only imagine how nice it would be to share this with a partner. Thanks for thinking this thing up … it should have been on the market years ago. You can use ME as a testimony, if you wish to.


The Magic Banana® is aptly named – it IS pure Magic!

Seven Reasons Why I like The Magic Banana®

1. It’s discreet – no one would guess what it is. (If someone found it in the drawer next to my bed, they’d have no clue, whereas a dildo …)
2. It’s flexible, smooth, and its’ shape and different ends means you can reach and stimulate different places internally and externally.
3. It’s easy to wash and therefore hygienic.
4. It feels natural inside of me and I’m not afraid of poking anything, because of its’ roundness.
5. It gives me the most amazing orgasms!
6. Makes Kegels fun.
7. The unique shape allows me to not feel like I’m trying to replace my husbands’ penis – it’s my own thing.


I bought my first Magic Banana® a few yrs ago. I live in the Kingston area, and found the ad in Complete Health (magazine) at the masseuses office. I was watching Dragons’ Den re-run last night and saw JP Rayne explaining the product. As a man I must tell you it is awesome!!! I used it with my late wife from age 44 or 45 (she passed away in March 2006, at age 50). This is one wonderful invention!

I have used it with 3 or 4 lady friends since her death and all have felt it was the most fabulous g-spot stimulater ever, some have purchased them. I myself ordered 3 more! I am pleased with what the product has done for my sex life as a toy and as a therapeutic instrument. It is not only fun to stimulate my partner but an awesome health aid. I would be happy to help you endorse it.

With my intense interest in sacred spot massage as a healing modality for women, I have sought tools to assist in the solitary practice of this wonderful technique.

I have discovered a marvelous device called the Magic Banana® .

This is a unique tool that promotes the strengthening of the pelvic and vaginal muscles as well as enhancement of orgasmic energy – always a good thing! Fun in partnership, too!