The Magic Banana® Reviewed on the Ashley Madison Blog


“I have never thought a good workout could come with a happy ending: how often do we see that packaged in one box? The Magic Banana® is designed to exercise your pelvic floor muscles, and also stimulate your G-spot. I had the pleasure (literally) to test one thanks to .

The Magic Banana®, despite its “silly” name, is surprisingly sleek amazingly designed apparatus. Think Sharper Image SEXY. The Magic Banana® idea came from 30 years of resource conducted by women for women with the end result of a product that is revitalizing and orgasmic.

You might know that strengthening your pelvic walls can make sex more enjoyable for both partners, but the best thing about the Magic Banana® is that by itself it is pretty amazing too. No need to worry about power-tool noises and it can easily be carried in your luggage or worn without having to worry about it being noticed.

So how does it feel? the website describes it as a “pleasant pressure”, I say it feels more like the feeling of fullness you get from a sizeable toy.. the only difference the pressure is more on the sides (walls of the vagina).

All in all, since I have started using it I feel a lot more comfortable with myself and I feel like I am more in control of my muscles. My sex life has definitely changed for better since I finally feel in control of my muscles. My partner has noticed :)

Thank you Ashley Madison for allowing me to try (and keep) this product.”

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