The Magic Banana® delivers … without a hint of shame!

“The Magic Banana® makes a great travel companion; it is both airport-security and waiter-friendly!”

I was sitting in a beautiful outdoor cafe in Sedona, Arizona, on a gorgeous day in May, with Marlene and Kim – two women who were attending a conference I had been invited to speak at. The restaurant was an upscale vegetarian place, with terra cotta ceramic tile floors and a Japanese meditation garden, complete with Osho tarot decks on every table. We were getting ready to go to an afternoon workshop called Mergence and Union – the mere title of which sparked the following scenario :
While waiting for someone to come and take our lunch order Marlene – who was in her late forties at the time – told us that since she had not had a lover in quite some time, she was worried that the ‘use it or lose it’ theory might really be true…
She needed something, she said, ‘to keep those muscles functioning!!’

I had flown in to this conference to speak about my new books on Intuition Ignition and, before I left home, my intuition had told me to bring along a couple of Magic Bananas. In those days they were crudely packaged – in a baggie, stapled at the top – and the book was photocopied at Business Depot on some wild – yellow with lime green and orange bursts – paper that looked very orgasmic. Upon hearing Marlene’s concern, I reached into my briefcase and pulled out the stapled baggie saying

‘I just happen to have something that’ll help you out with that.’

Their jaws dropped. They couldn’t believe I was carrying this thing around with me – this solution to her problem – all packaged (crudely as it was) and ready to go – and they were quite interested in checking it out a little more closely!

With Marlene still in shock, Kim was the first to reach for it. She held it in her hand – noting the gentle upward curvage of the loop – and squeezed the loop together as if it were a hand exerciser. Perfect! She was pondering the possibilities, while squeezing, when our server – a gorgeous young man who looked like Adonis in the flesh – showed up to take our order!

I watched – fascinated – as Kim did not even flinch. She continued to hold The Magic Banana® in her hand – on the table – while the waiter took our order! When it was her turn to order, she looked him straight in the eye and spoke to him without a trace of shame or embarrassment.

When he left to take our order to the kitchen, we all noted the innate beauty of the entire scenario; due to the fact that the Magic Banana® is so clearly non-phallic and non-threatening, Kim didn’t even begin to feel the need to hide it or put it away!

How beautiful is THAT?! We all had big smiles on our faces!