‘This is no one-trick pony… the Magic Banana® is revolutionary!’

An exuberant endorsement from the G-boutique blog, written by Anna – G-Boutique’s #1 teacher and trainer for workshops and toy talks.

“Hands down, this may be one of the coolest toys we have ever sold. When you first see it, you may be a little confused.  It is very difficult to guess what it is for. This is no “one trick pony.” Most women like to doubt its magic, but let me tell you… this toy is revolutionary.

First things first, let’s talk about its shape.  It is not a whip, or a bike lock. It doesn’t even vibrate. Unlike the penis; the design of which is evolved to get sperm into your cervix, The Magic Banana® is designed to fit with the female shape. In my opinion, it is odd for women to search out phallic- shaped objects to masturbate with, when our vaginal canal is shaped more like a cul-de-sac. When you use an object shaped like a loop we are able to satisfy more of our innersensations and surface areas. It’s only physics, right?

That brings us to purpose… or shall I say practice? As stated above, the Magic Banana® is shaped more like a woman’s insides than a man’s outsides. Therefore, when it is inserted and rotated around, it massages the inner walls of the vagina. You can also shimmy it back and forth or simply plunge it in and out.

By massaging the vaginal walls you reveal sensitive areas you never knew you had. The penis is linear, so it avoids simulating our g-spot and many other smaller, less sensitive points of interest on our insides. Remember, our genitals are on the underside of our body and we can’t just get in there and massage away. Things are a little out of reach. By using a vaginally-shaped toy that does not vibrate you allow your spectrum of sensation to expand. Vibration tends to dull out the fine twinkles and sparks of smaller nerve clusters in our vaginal nerve network. Most of us are used to a clitoral orgasm, which is often referenced in relation to fireworks and isolated seismic activity. The Magic Banana® will not only act as a “g-spot homing device” but it will also open up a new world of other sensitive spots that could possibly be entirely unique to you.


These new discoveries will also help you develop better positions for sex.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Magic Banana® is also a very efficient kegel exerciser. Clinching and releasing is a thing of the past, ladies. The Banana uses weight resistance to work your muscles. The further the loop goes in, the less resistance there is, the shallower the loop is inserted, the more resistance. Needless to say, we should all start slow and have less resistance at first and then work your way out. If you do this about three to four times a week for about fifteen minutes, you and your partner should be able to feel a difference within a week or two.


This is by far one of my favorite toys.

It is an awesome couple’s toy because it doesn’t intimidate and let’s face it, men love gadgets. It really opens up the lines for strong communication and delving into a new experience together. On the other hand it is also a wonderful singles toy. It allows you to relax and open up by yourself. This leads to experiencing pleasures that you have never felt before. Want a little clitoral stimulation? The Magic Banana® goes great with an external vibrator too!  


In my opinion, it is one of the greatest toys that we sell.  Educational, fun and practical.

Thanks for reading my rant. If anyone has any personal comments about the Magic Banana®, we would love to hear them.”

– Anna –


In our Video section (Testimonials) you can see Anna in a G-boutique video that features the Magic Banana®.